Pharrell Williams is Key to Ethereum NFT Project Doodles, Says Julian Holguin


  • Doodles CEO, Julian Holguin claims Pharell Williams to be a key to their mainstream push.
  • Julian Holguin discusses details at WebSummit in Lisbon today.

Famed musician and producer Pharrell Williams will become the chief brand officer of the Ethereum NFT project Doodles. The Doodles CEO Julian Holguin claims Williams to be key to their growing mainstream push.

Today, Julian Holguin elaborated on the matter at WebSummit in Lisbon during a discussion with the partner at VC firm Seven Seven Six. Pharrell Williams was only present during the discussion at the event. Seven Seven Six was co-founded by Alexis Ohanian, a Reddit co-founder, who led to the $54 million seed funding for the Doodles company recently.

Julian Holguin further espoused at length about music producer Pharrell Williams’ huge impact on the PFP project, and he also shed light to Pharell’s artistic input to global popular culture and his International audience reach and massive impact on youth.

Julian Holguin later discussed his desire to develop content for major entertainment mediums such as Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube. He also specified that Williams would be a core part of the creation and business process of these products. Doodles-inspired music with Pharell Williams is already in the works and would soon hit your nearest stores and all radio stations.

Julian Holguin joined in the month of May and, following that, revealed at WebSummit why his entry to Web3 centres around his wish to pursue technological innovation rather than simply pushing firms towards these decentralized models.