Polygon to celebrate freedom of expression in Miami at Art Basel


  • Art Basel to host a generative art show powered by Tezos blockchain at Miami Beach.
  • Live interactive minting will take place enabling the claim of generative art NFT in real-time.
  • Polygon also heads to Art Basel to celebrate creators.

Art Basel, one of the most reputed art exhibitions will be hosting a generative art show powered by Tezos blockchain. Interactive live minting will take place enabling creators to claim generative Art NFT in real-time.

Polygon NFT also heads to the Miami Art Basel exhibition 2022  to celebrate creators all through November with Polygon Loves Creators. 

Polygon has announced-

We’re just as passionate about building as we are with creating, and this month, we’re supporting and engaging creators, the art community, brands, digital art and collectibles in a huge way.

The featured event will be Polygon x Surface Salon Sessions.

Polygon will be hosting intimate, invite-only talks at our Polygon x Surface Bungalow during Art Basel. 

Hearing from creator and entrepreneurial voices like Iddris Sandu of Spatial Labs, Prism Collective, Neil Hamamoto of Worthless Studio, and more, Polygon wants to create an atmosphere of the celebration of freedom of expression with ownership.

Polygon partnered with Miami’s installation artist and experiential expert, Moki Baby to bring some pretty awesome interactive moments and activations with the likes of Recur, OffLimits, Prism Collective and Spatial Labs.

In celebration of Polygon and Magic Eden partnering together, they invite all to join in their full day of interactive art, panels and networking. 

They will be taking over the Scope Art Fair bringing the best creators in Web3. To cap off the day, they invite you to enjoy a Polygon Paradise.