RarePass: A special launch by SuperRare NFT Market


  • SuperRare NFT Market launches RarePass.
  • People can trade here as the platform is completely decentralised.
  • RarePass to change trading and buying of digital pieces.

SuperRare is a popular artwork platform based on Ethereum. It has a huge collection of digital artworks, which art lovers widely appreciate. The amazing art piece on the website is only available in a single edition. People can trade it, and the platform is completely decentralized.

The way of collecting artwork is changed with the mind-blowing launch of a new pass range. This “Genesis” RarePass will significantly change the trading and buying of digital art pieces. The people with RarePass have the upper hand over the artwork. It was confirmed by the Chief Operating Officer, Kyle Olney.

This Rarepass is compared to a subscription service. They have the opportunity of getting a prominent digital painting of any artist in a single transaction. Through the use of this Pass, the buyers in the SuperRare NFT Market can get their hands on the curated artworks.

The artists in the digital artwork network will make dedicated unique “single-edition” pieces for the buyers with the RarePass. Over the period of one year, the Pass holders will receive a dedicated airdrop in their digital wallet. These airdrops will be non-fungible tokens. A total of 12 tokens will be airdropped. These tokens come from artists like Coldie, X-COPY, Other World, etc.

The artists in the chain make a total of 250 different pieces. Kyle Olney said the art pieces have a symbolic meaning, and it shows the beginning of the new phase of each artist in their respective ideas.

To boost the involvement and participation of the buyers and art lovers, steps were taken. The best three art pieces by 12 artists were randomly offered. Through this process, the pass holders are chosen for the next month. This summed up to increase the total artist number to 24. It is believed this development will spike participation.

It was announced that there would be a complete 24 hours long auction. This will be the first auction for the RarePass holders. It is scheduled to begin on the 15th of November. In addition to that, there will be no floor price.