Ripple’s Emi Yoshikawa announces the start of a countdown on XLS 20 Amendment v1.9.2


  • Emi Yoshikawa announces the beginning of a two-week countdown on XLS 20 Amendment v1.9.2 that would enable native NFTs on XRP Ledger.
  • The amendment is planned to bring an NFT revolution in blockchain technology, where an inrush of digital creators and a surge in minted items and apps is expected.
  • With Ripple’s latest initiatives for NFT creators, another wave of gaming, music, and sports is coming to launch their projects.

In a recent announcement shared on the official Twitter handle of Emi Yoshikawa, the Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Operations at Ripple addressed the start of a two-week countdown on XLS 20 Amendment v1.9.2. As revealed, the amendment is aimed at enabling native NFTs on XRP Ledger. 

However, for this amendment to come into effect, a minimum of 80% of validators are required to vote in favor of the proposal for over two weeks. This proposal hopes to make the creation of NFTs more efficient and compact while ensuring that the negative impact on the performance of XRP Ledger is reduced and the congestion is avoided to certain measures. 

A blockchain software provider, Peersyst, has launched the first XRPL Sidechain compatible with the EVM, called the Devnet version. The second phase will reportedly begin in early 2023 and will feature a permissionless EVM sidechain and bridge with a distinct design that connects to the XRPL Devnet to increase participation and test scalability. 

It has been revealed that onXRP, one of the most actively developing XRP-based ecosystems, is releasing its own marketplace in response to the recent administration from David Schwartz, the CTO of Ripple, on the concerns over NFTs and XRPL projects. Ripple and XRPL projects appear to have their vision set on the NFT sphere. 

The second wave of creators has recently joined the $250 million fund for NFT creators of Ripple. These creators are facilitating the creation of new practical use cases in the spheres of media, gaming, and metaverse on the XRP Ledger (XRPL). 

The $250 million fund offers various kinds of support for teams working on their NFTs and was created in order to extend support to the innovation in the sphere of tokenization, specifically in the launch of NFTs on XRP Ledger.