Scottie Pippen’s NFT collection available for mint today on OpenSea


  • Orange Comet and Scottie Pippen have collaborated to commemorate the latter’s career with an NFT collection that will express Scottie’s fondness for sneakers.
  • Each sneaker is a metaverse-ready digital asset featuring attractive features of Orange Comet’s signature 3D animations.
  • 33 NFT owners will be randomly chosen for a pair of real autographed sneakers.

Scottie Pippen, the iconic basketball Hall of Famer as well as a two-time Olympic Gold Medalist, got his first custom NFT this November. Recently, he also rolled out the sneaker NFT collection SP33. Moving ahead with his NFT fascination, Scottie has now joined Orange Comet, the Web3 entertainment firm, for the launch of another NFT collection.

Pippen took to Twitter to share the news with his followers.

1,000 virtual wearable cross-platform sneakers are part of the Scottie Pippen NFT collection. These sneakers are metaverse & game-ready and will be minted today on OpenSea at 11:00 am PT (allow list) and 11:30 am PT (public). The mint will happen on the Ethereum blockchain upon utilizing the ERC-721 format. 

The unique and limited collection honors Scottie’s career, right from his initial years to the legendary days when he used to play in Chicago. 

Each pair of sneakers has an OC Designer Mystery Box, which is a work of art and will unveil something unique. A pair of physical sneakers will be given to 33 randomly selected holders. The remaining holders can buy the sneakers in the future. Moreover, one holder alongside their one guest will be randomly picked for Scottie’s hometown tour followed by a fun dinner.

Moving on, two holders with one of their guests will be picked to go on a golf outing with the legend, which also includes lunch. 33 owners will be chosen for a QR code to redeem $100 off on any purchase at a renowned sneaker lifestyle brand.

Owners of NFTs will receive Allow List access to the CØRRUPTED physical as well as digital wearables of Orange Comet that are set for launch in 2023. 

The SP33 Allow List must be joined by December 19th at 5:00 p.m. ET to qualify for the pre-mint. From the Allow List, 333 wallets will be randomly chosen for an upcoming FREE unique edition Pippen NFT basketball that will be displayed in a standard glass case and will be a masterpiece designed by Orange Comet.