ShapeShift integrates Meta DEX Aggregator to identify the lowest transaction rates


  • The CoW protocol has been combined with the open-source web application created by ShapeShift DAO, a decentralized, non-custodial cryptocurrency platform.
  • ShapeShift is a community-owned, free program that aims to give consumers the cheapest choices for trading the widest variety of assets.
  • ShapeShift DAO had previously announced that native web users would switch to a decentralized app version with the introduction of a brand-new mobile application.

The open-source web app developed by ShapeShift DAO, a decentralized, non-custodial cryptocurrency platform, and community, has been merged with the CoW protocol. The CoW protocol is a “Meta DEX aggregator” that constantly scans through other DEX aggregators to discover the best costs, gas surcharges, and options for totally avoiding gas and slippage.ย 

The aim of ShapeShift, a free, community-owned program, is to provide users with the most affordable options for trading the broadest range of assets; the link with the CoW protocol significantly increases users’ adaptability and helps them find the best exchange rates.

With the release of a brand-new mobile application, ShapeShift DAO earlier announced that native web users would transition to a decentralized app version. This will make it possible for people to experience a real DeFi universe from wherever they may be.

The CoW protocol features its own “Coincidence of Wants” (CoW) engine in addition to integrating well-known industry DEX aggregators 0x, ParaSwap, and 1inch. Due to the platform’s innovative methodology, it is possible to compare DEX rates and perform token transfers via signed messaging once a token has been accepted. 

To avoid any fees, the engine also looks for other traders looking to make a similar trade. Together, these features enable users of the CoW protocol to locate the best prices, and those who use the ShapeShift Appโ€”which is always freeโ€”to trade in one of the most user-friendly settings attainable.

User security is given a lot of attention in the CoW protocol. They act as a market maker or centralized operator in place of a completely permissionless Meta DEX aggregator, allowing anybody to trade any tokens and build integrations. Front/back running and sandwich assaults are two instances of Miner Extractable Value (MEV) attacks that are less likely to succeed on trades that transit via CowSwap.

Earlier, the WalletConnect v1.0 protocol had been combined with the open-source web application created by the ShapeShift DAO.