Solana NFT Sales Skyrocketed to a Whooping 170% as y00ts Winds Up Delayed Rollout


  • Solana NFT trading activity skyrockets to 170% in the past 24 hours up to about 229,000 SOL.
  • NFT project from the creators of DeGods has jolted Solana trading today.
  • The y00ts collection spans 15,000 unique profile pictures.

Today, Solana NFT trading activity literally skyrockets to a whopping 170% in just a matter of 24 hours timeline as y00ts completes its overtly delayed rollout post the mint on this month of September.

In October, the Solana blockchain NFT sales really fell by 50% following a rough month of September, which had been aided by the PFP project, y00ts’ launch earlier. 

However, we can still expect to see some kind of return to activity in the month of November in case the day’s trading is any indication, following the showcasing of the delayed y00ts artwork.

The trading volume for the minted NFTs on Solana surprisingly skyrocketed to nearly 170% in the past 24 hours time as per the data from Tiexo, roughly up to 229,000 SOL across the market. This volume literally translates to $7.5 million. This wasn’t the case during the previous span.

All the main trading revolves around y00ts, which hit the marketplace after the DeGods project on Solana made some big waves in the NFT community. The y00ts collection spans a whooping 15,000 unique profile pictures, each and every one of them featuring a unique mix of design traits. 

In early September, the y00ts project minted its NFTs termed y00ts mint t00bs following an allowlist campaign which brought in influencers and even celebrities from across the globe.