Square Enix unveiled its first Ethereum NFT game


  • The first Web3 game from Square Enix features narration, NFT avatars, and an experimental art collection.
  • Symbiogenesis, a game that would reportedly be hosted on the Ethereum blockchain and includes characters whose artwork users may purchase as NFTs.
  • Launched during the Web3 Conclave event at the Game Developers Conference in India. The logo’s artwork was previewed along with some lively electronic jazz in a brief clip.

In conjunction with Web3 firm Double Jump, Square Enix made its debut in the Web3 market in 2021 with the launch of NFT “digital stickers” for the anime and video game franchise Million Arthur via the LINE blockchain platform in Japan.

Square Enix has increasingly focused on Web3 after creating and releasing some of the most popular video game franchises ever, including Final Fantasy and Tomb Raider. The Japanese company has recently unveiled Symbiogenesis, its first game to incorporate NFTs.

NFT artwork serves as the core of Symbiogenesis, which is referred to as a “digital collectible art experience” and may be used as both a social network profile picture and in-game artwork (PFP). Instead of an expansion or offshoot of an already existing IP, it is a completely new series for Square Enix and is anticipated to debut on Ethereum in 2023.

According to an official description, Symbiogenesis is referred to as a web-based, story-driven platform with interactive components. Players will command their NFT-based persona as they “‘untangle’ a mystery through finishing tasks that center around issues of the monopolisation and distribution of resources.”