Stocks and crypto prices included in Twitter direct search results


  • One can now check the values of cryptocurrencies and stocks of publicly traded firms on Twitter
  • When it works, users will see a static image with the stock price and a chart without any X or Y-axis information.
  • The social media giant has ties to the cryptocurrency market dating back to September 2021, when Jack Dorsey was still in charge of the company.

In the middle of the chaos, Twitter released a useful feature that lets you check the values of cryptocurrencies and stocks of publicly traded companies.

Users can do this by typing the proper ticker symbol, such as “$GOOG” or “$ETH,” followed by the dollar sign ($) in the search bar without quotation marks, and Twitter will display the current price. Without the dollar sign, this is sometimes possible but is less accurate and doesn’t always result in the desired stock or cryptocurrency pricing.

Users will see a static graphic showing the current stock price and a chart without any X or Y-axis information when it functions, though. So good luck trying to determine that. It’s not entirely obvious, but it’s probably a price chart for the stock’s most recent closing price. But users can click “View on Robinhood” if they want additional information about a stock or coin.

The social media behemoth has a history of connections to the cryptocurrency market, and in September 2021, while the business was still run by Jack Dorsey, it added a tipping tool. Following that, Elon Musk took over leadership and oversaw plans to invest $1.5 billion in bitcoin, the majority of which was later sold.

A cashtag query is a search term on the search bar consisting of any well-known stock or cryptocurrency starting with the letter “$,” just like a hashtag (#) query on Twitter’s search bar gives a user an index of that hashtag’s most recent and significant uses on the network. 

The most recent pricing data for significant stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies is then obtained through a cashtag query.

The logo on the screenshot suggests that Twitter is sourcing the data from the Tradingview website, as app researcher Jane Manchun Wong pointed out. The social media company has not specified whether it is collaborating in any way on a business level with TradingView or Robinhood.

What symbols are listed for direct stock price search results wasn’t made clear by Twitter. The business claimed that it will improve symbol compatibility and polish the user experience in the upcoming weeks.