STRMNFT Creator Program: The Marketplace’s New Initiative Towards Rising Artists

STRMNFT, a rising NFT marketplace, has announced its first creator-focused program, fueling the already-increasing enthusiasm in the NFT space. While this kind of initiative is nothing new, STRMNFT distinguishes itself from the crowd by expanding the program to include creators outside the NFT and crypto sphere.

Launched on October 19, this program was STRMNFT’s celebration of the imminent International Artist Day. This signifies the marketplace’s initiative to bring small and non-NFT artists and creators to the space, providing them with all the necessary support.

Through the program, STRMNFT promises a set of exclusive benefits tailored for all types of creators. Technical support, the possibility of featuring the collections on the marketplace’s homepage and social media, exclusive interviews on STRMNFT’s podcast, and a higher chance to get verification badges, to name a few.

Creators can also benefit from the thriving community within the marketplace, which includes various NFT traders and collectors. In fact, STRMNFT has recently celebrated its next milestone of reaching 75,000 registered users. Moreover, the marketplace also has more than 200,000 followers on social media.

STRMNFT has improved significantly since its debut last May. The team has been continuously working on adjusting the interface and adding new features based on community feedback. Among the most notable features were bulk minting without developer tools, two-factor authentication, verification badges, and editable collections.

All these advancements and more have contributed to STRMNFT’s success. Recently, the marketplace made a partnership with TNC Art, a team of professional artists with 40,000 NFTs in their portfolio. Almost all these NFTs have been minted and listed on the marketplace. One of the most successful listings was the Lady Ape Club (LAC) collection, as 9,000 NFTs were sold out within hours.

The creator program is open only until November 30, 2022. Interested creators can apply for the program using the official application form:

STRMNFT has opened all its social media to respond to queries regarding the program. Anyone who wants to know more about the program can reach out to any of the marketplace’s social media direct messages with the hashtag #STRMNFTcreator:

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