Taiwan singer Annie Yi & son launched LGBT NFTs


  • The project was initiated since there was no NFT project that represented the LGBT community.
  • Two NFTs were sold in mid-September.
  • The project aims to encourage young artists to come forward and stand up for themselves even if they do not have recognition or fame.

In July, Annie Yi, Taiwanese singer & actress along with Harrison Yu, her gay artist son, launched an NFT project, Theirverse, in New York. The aim is creating an LGBTQ community and promoting both inclusion and diversity in the initial phase of Web 3.0.

Theirverse strives to provide a platform to young artists belonging to various gender identities and cultural backgrounds so as to promote equality. 

5,500 NFTs, which have nine collections by 16 artists with Yu among them, got sold in three hours after the beginning of public sales that started in July at 0.18 ETH. According to OpenSea’s listings, the current floor price of NFTs is 0.219 ETH.

Sotheby auctioned two Theirverse NFTs in mid-September at HK$302,400 and HK$378,000.

The project was decided by Yu to begin in 2021 when he realized that there are communities like BAYC and World of Women existing in Web3. However, there’s no community for LGBT that represents the younger generation.

Yu shared that he had an idea of beginning an artistic platform that will allow younger artists not only to generate their brand but also serve as a channel to  stand up for themselves.

Talking about the NFTs, they include full-body figures from garments to hair and makeup. 

Yu added that he belongs to the LGBTQIA+ community and is a gay man. Also, he identify towards gender non-binary pronouns and does drag too.  

NFTs is the place we are heading into the future. Considering where we are heading currently, there’s a need to step on the ground quickly as well as early while creating Web3.