Tamadoge releases Common NFTs on OpenSea; All set to be the hottest collection of 2022


  • Tamadoge gaming ecosystem has recently released Common NFTs on OpenSea featuring 20,000 NFTs.
  • The NFT collection will be helping players interact with the upcoming Tamaverse, the pet verse of Tamadoge.
  • Tamadoge players will now be able to utilize these tokens to play the game, fighting each other and competing for the TAMA tokens of the platform.

In a recently made announcement, it has been revealed that Tamadoge, a popular gaming developers club, has released Common NFTs, a whole new collection of NFTs on OpenSea. Since their release, it has been witnessed that these NFTs are selling quite fast and are all set to become the hottest collection of 2022. 

Earlier this week, the release of Common NFTs was confirmed by the gaming developers, and it was revealed that the collection would be hosted on the largest NFT marketplace in the world, OpenSea. The collection will revealingly feature 20,000 NFTs that are aimed at helping players to interact with the upcoming Tamaverse. 

Tamadoge players will be utilizing these tokens to play the game, fighting each other and participating in the competition for the TAMA tokens of the platform. It should be noted that each Common NFT will be coming with background art along with the latest fashion trends in the Tamadoge landscape. 

The collection marks the latest NFT rollout from Tamadoge and will be made available at the floor price of 0.2 ETH. As revealed, a total of 45 owners have already grabbed these NFTs. Over the past month, Tamadoge has released Rare and Ultra Rare NFTs that will be available in the gaming metaverse

These Rare NFTs carried the potential to boost the chances of the user winning battles by over 70% as they improved the speed and agility of their digital pets. It must be laid emphasis on the fact that all the Tamadoge NFTs are a representation of digital pets that allow players to take part and interact with the gaming metaverse via desktop and mobile interfaces. 

Tamadoge launched a new NFT collection on October 6 that allowed gamers to gain access to in-game assets in Tamaverse, which is its pet verse.