The Ankr aBNBc Contract Was Attacked


  • It was tweeted by WU Blockchain that there was an attack in the Ankr aBNBc. In this attack, 10 trillion aBNBc was minted
  • Ankr received an audit from Peckshield about the ‘trust issue of Admin Key.’
  • Finance updated they are aware of the attack. The investigation is ongoing, and the funds are safe in the exchange.

On the morning of December 2nd, it was informed by the WU Blockchain that the contract of Ankr aBNBc was attacked. Along with it, an additional fraction of 10 trillion aBNBc was minted. Again it was shared that Ankr exploiters have transferred an amount of 900 BNB into the Tornado Cash.

Earlier the BNB chain had launched its new liquid staking function. Through it, Ankr and other users can allocate BNB tokens and get a lot of interest in the liquid staking agreement. They will also get aBNBc from it. After this new launch, the price of the aBNBcs has come down

By 99.5℅. This happened due to exploitation.

Later, it came to news that Ankr received an audit from Peckshield Inc. that mentioned the ‘trust issues of Admin Key.’ This has a privileged lf aBNBc minting. The team made a ‘confirmed’ warning, but later on, there was no sign that they fixed or worked it up.

On the same morning, Binance posted a tweet informing about the awareness of the attack that was targeting Ankr’s aBNBc tokens. They informed me that their whole team investigated the matter and engaged with the relevant parties to get all the information.

An assurance to the user was also provided, saying that Binance was not attacked. The funds are safe on the exchange. Lastly, they also assured to get back with updates regarding the matter.