The most relatable wearables collection in Decentraland-Woodies NFTs


  • The whole line of generative NFT wearables from Web3 entertainment business Woodies is now available as Linked Wearables in Decentraland.
  • According to Richard Powazynski, co-founder of Woodies, owners can now see their Woodie as an animated figure in Decentraland.
  • Because each Woodie is unique, each Woodie represents your individuality and ethos.

The entire range of generative NFT wearables from Web3 entertainment company Woodies is now accessible in Decentraland as Linked Wearables. The largest wearable NFT collection is made up of Woodies, one of the most well-known Metaverse worlds, which has 9,739 NFTs.

Linked Wearables are 3D models of NFTs that come from locations outside of Decentraland. Holders may use their NFT as in-world Wearables that serve as their avatars once an NFT collection has been certified as Linked Wearables by the Decentraland community. This ground-breaking function not only makes Decentraland compatible with independent NFT projects but also brings about significant new advantages for NFT holders and communities.

Woodies take on an exciting new life as Wearables. According to Richard Powazynski, co-founder of Woodies, owners can now see their Woodie in Decentraland as an animated character. “As your own unique Woodie, you are free to travel anywhere in the globe and communicate with other users. 

Your Woodie is a representation of your uniqueness and ethos because every Woodie is different. This enhances the emotional bond that people have with their NFTs and raises the value of owning a digital device.

Woodies went live in September 2021 with 9,739 Ethereum-based NFTs that can be found on the top marketplace OpenSea. Every Woodie was created by the art team, which included thoughts by Des Lucrece, base designs by Jae-838, and rich stylization by fine artist Gossamer Rozen. 

Each one was created as a one-of-a-kind design from a random mix of over 900 attributes. Recently, the animated short film Woodies Origin was released, illustrating the history of Woodies and its goal to protect the environment.

Woodies is a decentralized Web3 entertainment firm. The UltraDAO Woodies community is an international network of people dedicated to enjoying and safeguarding the outdoors. The Woodies Generative collection of 9,739 NFTs is its first release, and an ever-expanding content universe is on the way.