The Sandbox joins Modhaus, the Web3 startup of K-pop


  • Modhaus, a K-pop startup strives to establish the very first open architecture entertainment space.
  • An exclusive hub for metaverse events will be created to boost fan engagement.
  • TripleS NFTs, digital collectibles and avatars will be launched.

The Sandbox has announced its partnership with Modhaus for a collaboration that will benefit both. Owing to the partnership, a proper and acceptable social platform will be developed to provide benefits to all fans. Also, fans will be able to be a part of any event that takes place in the virtual world. 

The blockchain-dependent K-pop girl group, tripleS, will be supported as a part of the partnership. The group will be promoted and gain fame which will eventually increase its entire reach. Furthermore, the partnership is both the aim and plan of creating tripleS NFTs, which will be licensed as well. Avatars and different types & designs of outfits will be included besides diverse digital collections

To better understand and applaud the value of this partnership and its potential, going in a little detail into the aspects of both is a necessity. Modhaus is a Web3 project and deploys blockchain and spread as well as promote all aspects related to Korean pop culture. To achieve this, opportunities have been created for fans, allowing them to connect with the builders in a better way.

TripleS is a K-pop female group that utilizes blockchain technology. There are 24 members in the group who take part in all activities. Fans have the right to gain power on all activities connected with the group.