The Sandbox’s K-Verse mini-event rolls out on November 24th


  • The Korean Wave of Metaverse begins with a K-verse mini-event.
  • The event started on November 24th 2022, and will continue till November 7th 2022.
  • The event includes s5 experiences for the players, and the winners have access to a 100,000 SAND Prize Pool.

K- mini verse event is finally here. Along with various partners, The Sandbox, K League, Anicube, Sandbox Network and Cube Entertainment have significantly contributed towards developing the Korean Wave of the metaverse. 

From November 24th, 2022, the users can experience five experiences in the Korean Wave. This Korean Content Festival is one kind of event in the metaverse

The players and the users who can play all experiences complete all quests and are KYC’d. Will have access to 100,000 SAND prize pool. Additionally, K league will launch a new NFT called the voxelized mascot NFT collection, available to users in The Sandbox Marketplace. 

Moreover, the entire festival has various important events and dates, which are as follows- 

  • 1st Wave of the Festival started on November 24th at 2 PM (UTC) and will continue till December 7th 2022. This will include the K-League Jumping Rush, ANICUBEENT and MTDZ Neverland. 
  • The 2nd Wave of the festival will start on December 1st 2022, from 2 PM (UTC) and continue till December 7th 2022. This will include K-Village and K-League Island. 

Along with these experiences, the K League NFT Collection was also released and went live on November 24th (2 PM UTC). All the characters included are the mascots of each football team in the K League.