The Smurfs tie-up with ZenGo to enter Web3


  • Users of ZenGo will get access in January and will be notified via email.
  • A new type of gaming experience, the Smurfs Society, allows players to get a piece of the community via integration of NFTs in the game.
  • Players will get a link to connect ZenGo wallet to the game.

The Smurfs are set to enter Web3 with ZenGo being their preferred wallet. The Smurfs’ Society will expose fans to their very first blockchain gaming experience. ZenGo will not only protect the process but make it easy via seamless onboarding, no matter if one is into crypto or is new to Web3.

Blockchain gaming makes way for a whole new world of control, possession, and support. Gamers get a deeper level of value upon accumulating, selling, purchasing, and creating non-fungible tokens

This year, crypto assets worth $3 billion were stolen or hacked in Web3 transactions. Unfortunately, the majority of crypto wallets fail to support users in safeguarding their assets. 

The Smurf’s Society shared that they are happy to collaborate with ZenGo to be their self-custodial wallet. They selected ZenGo owing to its security features, which include a built-in Web3 firewall and no seed phrase vulnerability. These qualities make ZenGo different from the rest.

The Smurfs is among the first traditional brands to step into Web3 with their personal game. The game enjoys a passionate audience, which is how the Smurfs are making the way for brands to engage with fans via ownership. Smurfs will enable players to attain a part of the community by integrating non-fungible tokens in the game.

Players can accomplish quests, mix potions, as well as release the Smurfs from evil without confusion, something that’s often a part of a Web3 game. Customers of ZenGo can avail of a unique and free NFT via their wallets, seek game asset NFT airdrops, see and handle them in their non-fungible token gallery, and save the Smurfs from the fictional character, Gargamel.

Selling NFTs or trading potions is easy with a ZenGo wallet, which aligns with the basic principles of blockchain gaming and Web3. Both the brands and the community are the owners of the content they are fond of. 

ZenGo is honored to be considered the choice for firms that are interested in moving into Web3 alongside keeping things simple for customers who lack experience in crypto.