Thunder Corelab CEO to host a premiere NFT event at Taipei


  • NFT Taipei is a large-scale event dedicated to the mainstream of the blockchain industry.
  • It will feature a co-working space that is focused on the blockchain, crypto, and digital asset industry.
  • Thunder Corelab is co-hosting a large-scale premiere at NFT with well-known names in the crypto industry.

NFT Taipei is hosting a large-scale event on the cryptocurrency platform dedicated to the blockchain industry and will focus on the key developments of the year while exploring how blockchain technology can reshape the future. It is one of the most important events of the year and will be one of the pioneering events.

The event will be a co-working space that will be focused on the blockchain, crypto, and digital asset industries, alongside a grand showcase of the latest innovations in the crypto world with a focus on blockchain technology and digital asset management. 

Moreover, it will be open to the public, be held in a large-scale scenery on the top floor of the NFT Taipai, and feature a series of activities, including a keynote speech, a panel discussion, and a live concert.

Moreover, the event will be held in the heart of Taipei at the NFT Taipei and will feature a variety of high-level speakers and guests, including some of the most well-known names in the crypto industry.

The CEO and founder of thunder core lab are co-hosting this large-scale premiere at NFT focused event with other crypto eminences such as Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin, Animoca Brands co-founder Yat Siu, Ethereum co-founder VitalikButerin, the sandbox co-founder Sebastian, Dapperlabs and VP of Gaming Partnerships Fan Shen at Taipei.