Top NFT sales charts for “Cockpunch” author Tim Ferriss


  • The Legend of Cockpunch is an NFT-focused literary project that was started by author and radio host Tim Ferriss.
  • The first mint was exhausted, and subsequent secondary purchases of ETH have exceeded $3.3 million.
  • Ferriss published a work of fiction called “The Legend of Cockpunch,” with all of the primary selling earnings going to his charitable organization.

The Ethereum project The Legend of Cockpunch, which Tim Ferriss, a well-known book and podcast presenter, co-created, is the huge NFT market winner today after converting a sold-out mint into secondary market demand that propelled the collection to the top of the sales charts.

The “emergent long fiction” work Cockpunch, by author Tim Ferriss of “The 4-Hour Workweek” and other bestsellers, is described as spanning 5,555 images of anthropomorphized rooster figures, each with different qualities and weapons. At the time of minting earlier today, each NFT cost 0.3 ETH, or roughly $370.

The NFTs are now priced at 1.4 ETH ($1,725) on the top marketplace OpenSea as secondary market prices have skyrocketed. Over the past 24 hours, OpenSea projects have outperformed projects like CryptoPunks and Azuki, with secondary sales totaling nearly 2,700 ETH (more than $3.3 million),

All of the money from the primary sale, which was conducted via Premint’s new minting technology, was donated to the author’s Saisei Foundation, which brought in slightly over $2 million. The organization provides funding for studies into psychedelic drug treatments, life extension, mental health, and other topics.

According to Ferriss, the PFPs are just the beginning of his ideas for the project. Kevin Rose, a tech entrepreneur and co-founder of Web3 startup Proof, and Ferriss spoke on a podcast about the project’s fictional fantasy world, and Ferriss revealed that he has written the entirety of the first season of a narrative podcast that will share its lore.