Treasure Tapper and Hamster Kombat Revolutionize Web3 Onboarding with Real Crypto Rewards


  • Treasure Tapper converts time into crypto rewards, simplifying web3 adoption for new users.
  • Hamster Kombat’s viral success on Telegram highlights the power of integrating web3 into popular apps.
  • Simplified web3 concepts like “earn crypto” drive mass adoption, attracting everyday users to blockchain tech.

Web3 is on the brink of a revolution,  with the innovativation of Treasure Tapper and Hamster Kombat. Treasure Tapper, a clicker game developed by Gala, is designed to bring new users into the GalaChain ecosystem by turning their time into real crypto rewards. 

Meanwhile, Hamster Kombat, has rapidly gained popularity on Telegram, becoming the top idle game on the platform. It reached 100 million monthly users in just 73 days, showcasing the viral potential of Telegram’s mini app platform. 

The Hamster Kombat YouTube channel even applied for a Guinness World Record for gaining 10 million subscribers within a week. This rapid growth underscores the effectiveness of integrating web3 functions into popular apps, a strategy Telegram has embraced wholeheartedly.

Telegram has established itself as a key player in the global adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Its partnership with The Open Network (TON) Foundation and Tencent has resulted in a robust mini app platform. This platform includes a TON-based wallet and allows developers to integrate web3 features into their apps, creating a powerful tool for mass onboarding.

At Gala, the excitement is palpable as they introduce Treasure Tapper, a game poised to bring more users into the web3 fold than ever before. This game is part of a broader trend in blockchain technology, where various trends like play-to-earn gaming, overhyped NFTs, and meme-coin crazes have made web3 rewards easy to understand. These trends have demonstrated the power of simplicity in driving mass adoption.

One significant challenge in attracting new users to web3 is the complexity of its jargon. Terms like “interoperability,” “decentralization,” and “metaverse” can be intimidating. However, simplifying these concepts into phrases like “win free tokens” or “earn crypto” makes them more accessible. The key to success lies in demonstrating the benefits of web3 in action, without delving into the technical details.

To attract a broader audience, web3 advocates must think like new users. Most potential users are not tech-savvy pioneers but everyday people like teachers, delivery drivers, and accountants. They need to see that the benefits of adopting new technology outweigh its inconveniences. This realization can be facilitated by simple, engaging experiences like clicker games.

Treasure Tapper exemplifies this approach, converting users’ time and attention into tangible rewards. This mechanic represents a new level of freedom for gamers, contrasting with web2’s monetization of user attention without sharing profits.