Unstoppable Domains joins Wyre, users can use Web3 domains to trade crypto


  • Unstoppable Domains announces integration with Wyre.
  • More than 10 million users can utilize Web3 domains while purchasing crypto in applications with Wyre integration.
  • Unstoppable Domains will be recognized via the Checkout Widget of Wyre.

A futuristic vision for Web3 requires establishing a robust foundation with popular platforms such as Wyre, a name that’s a big hit in the list of blockchain infrastructure providers. From now onwards, it is possible to utilize Wyre’s genuine, global fiat on/off ramp APIs with Unstoppable Domains

Wyre was established in 2012 and is a leader as well as among the longest running Web applications. Its Checkout Widget enables individuals throughout more than 100 countries to buy crypto and get cash payouts and all this even without visiting a crypto exchange. The integration has allowed all to deploy Web3 domains that are human-readable, which means no chaos of complex crypto addresses to purchase and sell crypto at the leading rates of Wyre. This will lead to an easy and intuitive Web3 experience.

Head of Crypto Strategy at Wyre, Jamal Raees, said that they seek solutions to eliminate usual hurdles in the user-journey and can be created at scale for their partners. Partnership with Unstoppable Domains will make it happen and enable users to see domain addresses in the Checkout Widget.

SVP and Channel Chief at Unstoppable Domains, Sandy Carter, said that since both Wyre and Unstoppable Domains create major technologies for Web3, working together was obvious.  

Currently, more than 500 integrations support Unstoppable Domains. Integration of Wyre on-ramp will increase the number of those apps by more than double that allow people to use their Web3 domain.