Upland and UNICEF Brazil to Support Web3 Education Programs and Training Opportunities


  • Upland, an open web3 platform partners with UNICEF Brazil in support of Web3 education programs and training opportunities for the youth of Brazil.
  • Brazilian youth between 18 to 24 will be educated in web3, creating a link between secondary education and training.
  • Two UNICEF- branded structures will be built in Rio de Janeiro to design outdoor decor models to be sold in the UNICEF showroom.

In a recent announcement, it was revealed that Upland and UNICEF Brazil are coming together for a unique collaboration to design a new social project, Web3 academy, to address the rising demand for education, training, and employment opportunities for the youth. 

This special collaboration tends to provide many Brazilians between the age of 18 to 24 who are well-educated in web3 to develop a link between secondary education and training.   

All the students of the program will learn the new skills which are required for the new virtual community-driven environment of virtual worlds as part of a collaboration Uplandme.Inc will be hosting a holiday sale for its three million plus community members to buy unique UNICEF- and holiday-inspired digital goods for their virtual properties. 

All the funds and sale proceeds will be used to support and sponsor the education program of UNICEF in Brazil. 

As per the reports available, over properties in Rio de Janeiro, two UNICEF-branded structures will be built. From these, the outdoor decor models will be designed lately to be sold in the UNICEF Showroom, where all the fans can visit virtually.  

Idan Zuckerman, Co-founder, and Co-CEO of Upland, said in the last four years, he had seen thousands of stories of Upland users getting financial victory due to the knowledge of web3 they have.