Valhalla and Pudgy Penguins are now among the top 10 NFTs


  • Despite the NFT market’s crisis, Valhalla and Pudgy Penguins reached the top 10 NFTs with strong sales.
  • In November, the total number of NFT transactions and sales declined by 17.47% and 22.24%, respectively.
  • The goal of FLOKI’s NFT metaverse game Valhalla is to broaden the use of the meme token into Web3 and strengthen the ecosystem going forward.

A new collection and one that is regaining its prior fame are among this week’s most popular and expensive NFTs. The FLOKI company is working on a project called Valhalla, which will be a brand-new metaverse gaming platform with a unique digital collectible. After a year of committed and thorough rebuilding, Pudgy Penguins is making a comeback.

It’s no secret that the NFT market hasn’t had a wonderful second half of 2022. The overall trading volumes and sales counts decreased by 17.47% and 22.24%, respectively, in November, according to data published by DappRadar last week.

The NFT Metaverse game called “Valhalla” from FLOKI will be driven by the FLOKI token. A-level game mechanics will be available in Valhalla on the blockchain. On-chain gaming interactions and upgradeable NFTs are included in this. 

Since FLOKI is going to be the primary currency of the Valhalla universe, Valhalla is designed to take a significant portion of FLOKI tokens out of circulation and into the Valhalla ecosystem as adoption increases.

Amid the NFT bull run, Pudgy Penguins debuted in July 2021. As soon as it became known that the creator, ColeThereum, had a history of rug pulls, notable locals began to express their worries about the leadership of the Pudgy Penguins in January 2022.

Luca Netz paid 750 ETH (about $2.5 million at the time) in April 2022 to take over the project. The events that followed have been dubbed “the greatest comeback story,” and Pudgy Penguins is once again among the most popular market collections on DappRadar this week.

The collection’s rebirth may be attributed to its creative and knowledgeable crew, which has a proven track record in effective marketing. By creating a variety of tangible toys just in time for the holiday season, they have capitalized on the endearing Pudgy Penguins artwork.

November witnessed the lowest NFT trading volumes for the entire year as a result of the declining trend that began in May. Digital goods were bought and sold for $546 million throughout the month, a significant decrease from the $5.7 billion record reached in January.