Will NFT reshape the architectural space?

Majority of architectural processes have one or the other form of digital tooling or rendering. This leads to the possibility that the practice will have applications in Web3. 

Metaverse applications and NFTs have led to the growth of dynamic ownership, creativity and more optionality. 

The Kosmos collection can be considered as the most recent example. The collection has been made by Atelje Sotamaa, the international design and architecture studio.

The Kosmos Collection

The collection is on OpenSea through auction and includes two structures displayed like NFTs. Owners have the liberty to establish Sotamaa’s award-winning and appealing physical cabins anywhere across the globe. 

There are two designs in the collection, namely-  Meteorite home and UFO home. Architectural designs, manufacturing & assembly plans, technical drawings and rights to create one instance of the house are included in each and every token. 

Meteorite home was mainly designed for Eastern Finland by deploying air gaps for both natural ventilation and insulation. Token owners will have the right to work with architects to assure that the home will work no matter where it is built.  

Not only has Sotamaa gone beyond the woodwork in the structure’s manufacturing but has also used the NFT technology. There are 272 pieces of cross-laminated timber in the Meteorite home. A CNC machine programmed as per the plan of digital manufacturing had been used to cut the wooden elements.

Nakagin Capsule Tower

The rights to rebuild Nakagin Capsule Tower were up on OpenSea for auction. The reason behind deconstructing the initial tower is its old age and related risk for the public. Kisho Kurokawa Architect and Associates, the group behind the property, shared that it wants to see it live somewhere else. 

There were two offerings in the auction- an NFT that allows the owner to rebuild an example of the structure in the real world and another NFT that provides the right to create the structure anywhere in the metaverse. 

The Row

Unlike other offerings, Everyrealm’s The Row was developed exclusively for the metaverse to enable designers and architects such as Andres Reisinger, Daniel Arsham and Misha Kahn to build without any physical restrictions. 

Jannie Yorio, Everyrealm’s CEO, said that there’s no physics, no restrictions and no weather in the metaverse besides human imagination. He added that The Row brings together collectors looking for a rare, limited edition home that can be used over different metaverses and visionary artists who are famous for their architectural landscapes. 

In partnership with The Alexander Team, The Row wants to provide a rare and well-thought experience in the metaverse.

The reshaped architecture 

NFTs and Web3 allow everything from rebuilding Tokyo’s popular towers to creating an award-winning designed cabin and discovering design’s creative depth. 

Such use cases are within their application as of now; however, with advancement in technology, its adoption will advance too. Owing to this, such instances will turn smoothly intertwined with the way how to approach design, architecture and homeownership.