Women are spending more time in Metaverse, but men still hold 90% of executive positions


  • K PEEK A report by McKinsey & Co. revealed that women are still locked out of leadership roles, but men still hold 90% of executive spots at organizations shaping this economy.
  • A survey of around 2,000 people revealed that women are playing VR games, digital shopping using artificial intelligence, exercising in VR, and even taking classes.
  • Men are more into purchasing NFTs and utilizing gaming platforms even more than women.

A report released recently by McKinsey & Co. revealed that even though women are spending more and more time in the metaverse, it’s the men who are leading the metaverse by being in executive positions at organizations and shaping this emerging economy. 

In accordance with the report released on Monday, it was revealed that women are still discharged from leadership roles when it comes to the metaverse sector. Well, this is of some significance as it is key to facilitating the creation and setting of standards in the metaverse. 

As we all are aware of the fact that firms such as Unity Software Inc. and Meta Platforms Inc. are bringing heavy investments in the metaverse, a world described as an augmented and virtual reality world. This is a world where people will be able to work, socialize, and learn. 

As asserted by the McKinsey report that was based on a survey that involved around 2,000 people, women are active in exercising in VR, doing virtual shopping utilizing AR, playing VR games, and taking classes in virtual classrooms at a rate higher than men. 

What contributes to the favor of men is the fact that men are buying NFTs and are utilizing gaming platforms even more than women. There were 450 senior executives in the McKinsey’s survey, which indicated that women are also making implementations towards metaverse initiatives at their firms more often than men. 

Well, at the time of writing, we have come to note that at present, women hold just 8% to 10% of leadership positions at firms that are steering metaverse standards. This involves the Metaverse Standards Forum and Open Metaverse Alliance for Web3.