Yuga Labs announces Punk Legacy Project to store the Punks artwork among the finest arts


  • Yuga Labs announces the launch of the Punks Legacy Project to store Crypto Punks next to the finest arts in the world.
  • Yuga Labs starts its first NFT museum donation Initiative and gifts CryptoPunk to the Insititute of Contemporary Art, Miami.
  • The Punks Legacy Project will be collaborating with those museums on the installation of the art by providing resources related to crypto art history and Web3 education.

In a recent announcement made via the official Twitter handle of Yuga Labs, it has been revealed that they are kicking off the Punks Legacy Project, the first of its kind NFT museum donation initiative, to cement CryptoPunks. It should be noted that the inaugural donation of the program is CryptoPunk #305, which is a reflection of the iconic area code of Miami to the leading contemporary art museum o Miami, the Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami. 

As revealed, being the first of its kind, the project will be supervising the donation and installation of various CryptoPunks to spearhead contemporary art museums around the globe. There are a total of 10,000 CryptoPunks as individual pieces of generative art that take their inspiration from the London punk scene. 

Noah Davis, CryptoPunk Brand Lead, released a statement regarding the same that said that he hopes that CryptoPunks can spearhead that charge for NFTs, similar to how Andy Warhol and Jeff Koons drove the renaissance for contemporary art. They revealed that they share a belief that the NFTs belong in museums, and they are thrilled to be starting the Punks Legacy Project along with ICA Miami and CryptoPunk #305. 

The project is revealingly kicked off by Punk #305 to ICA Miami, the collection of which reflects the most pressing art and ideas that have an impact on contemporary art. This move certainly affirms the pioneering role of the collection in the rise of NFT art, along with its influence on cultural production today. 

Alex Gartenfeld, ICA Miami Artistic Director, shared some thoughts on the same and said that the ICA Miami collection is a reflection of the art and ideas that are capable of defining their present moment and driving forward cultural conversations. 

Amid this, Greg Solano, the Co-Founder of Yuga Labs, revealed that they are excited to witness CryptoPunk #305 becoming a Web3 icon for Miami. As revealed, it should be noted that Punk #305 is going to be released and installed at ICA Miami on 3rd December and will remain there through the end of the year.