We are on a mission to encourage and educate the adaption of crypto-collectibles and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Today NFT News is a US-based NFT news website founded by insanely passionate professionals on NFT, metaverse, blockchain, and web3.0 technologies. With a strong team of 20+ members, every member has diverse experience in reporting, journalism, and copywriting in the crypto and NFT marketplace.

Why NFT?
NFTs are digital treasures that are unique, non-fungible, provide exclusive ownership rights, and have an appreciating value.

We strongly believe that NFTs and crypto hold the power to change the future of finances and the economy. We match steps with the evolving world and put our best foot forward to become an integral part of the marketplace through well-thought strategies and well-informed actions. Our knowledge and will to present the insights of NFTs, crypto, and technologies like blockchain is second to none.