APE NFT is discontinuing their monthly airdrops


  • Ape NFT chose to end monthly airdrops.
  • In the last six months, 3.68% of total NFT production was airdropped.
  • NFT airdrop is a method of giving NFTs to several wallets at the same time.

Ape NFT said that, in order to enhance APE NFT management and promote the expansion of TRON and the blockchain market, the APE NFT Organization has chosen to discontinue the monthly APE NFT airdrop to TRX, BTT, JST, and WIN owners on TRON from the beginning of January 2023. Between June 10, 2021, and December 10, 2022, a total of 36,827,371,741,383.967776 NFT was airdropped, accounting for 3.68% of the entire NFT production.

With the direct involvement of TRON consumers, APE NFT has grown stronger, with a significant increase in the flowing quantity of its native token, NFT. In order to enhance APE NFT governance and accelerate the growth of TRON and the blockchain industry, they are doing so.

The APE NFT system has been actively involved in the community, exchanging the advantages of its expansion with a diverse set of users. Meanwhile, it is aggressively fostering democratic and diverse management in order to reach out to more great project groups and communities.

In the long run, APE NFT will broaden its scope and integrate the whole NFT community into its environment, strengthening the community and the nodes that contribute to APE NFT’s success.

An NFT airdrop, also known as a “free drop,” is a method of distributing newly generated NFTs to several wallets at once. This is typically done as a marketing technique for limited edition NFTs or as a prize for being a member of a community. These contributions are not limited to NFTs.