Axie Infinity tweets about SLP Burn Tracking update


  • The SLP burn/mint ratio of Axie Infinity turns negative.
  • It has two-in-one game currencies in Axie.
  • SLP is still 99% behind its all-time high.

Axie Infinity updated its Twitter audience on the latest SLP Burning Tracking.

Since June 26, 2022, the SLP token burning rate has rapidly increased. This procedure has decreased the SLP minting rate over the last ten days. Axie Infinity‘s unique “breeding” campaign, Lunacian Summer, should note that it began on July 14. 

The world’s most popular blockchain-based game, Axie Infinity, has released a significant upgrade that directly influences how players may earn in-game cash. To prevent players from, As a result, the game’s developer, Sky Mavis, has implemented a cap that prevents users with a matchmaking ranking of less than 800 from earning Small Love Potion (SLP) tokens in the adventure, arena, or daily quest modes. 

The game’s makers just released version 1.1.0a on Twitter, citing features including ‘Axies’ being reset to level one if their owner changes and the ability to challenge friends once again. Aside from the MMR restriction on quick in-game money earning, these two changes stood out among the rest. After a recently published maintenance outage, the update was supposed to go into effect. However, deployment complications caused it to be postponed for a few days.

It is hardly surprising that a game like Axie Infinity has a substantial play-to-earn community. Any modification to in-game earning methods would undoubtedly cause controversy, given the game’s expanding user base in emerging countries. SLP and Axie Infinity Shard, the two in-game currencies in Axie Infinity, are both based on the Ethereum blockchain. AXS is a governance token that enables owners to have a voice in how the game is developed, as opposed to SPL, which is used for trade amongst Axies and can be turned into actual money.