Baby Doge announces a major revelation coming on August 10


  • Baby Doge is to make a major revelation on August 10, 2022; A Big announcement is on the way.
  • It is not sure in which direction the announcement might be headed.
  • There are speculations amid the Baby Doge supporters and followers that the announcement is related either to Binance or BabyDogeSwap.

In a recent tweet shared on the official Twitter handle of Baby Doge, it came to light that Baby Doge has plans to make new announcements on August 10, 2022. However, it has not been made visible whether the announcement will be related to Binance or BabyDogeSwap. 

The news of BabyDogeSwap will prove to be very exciting for the community as it offers the lowest fees on Binance Smart Chain. Though it seems like Baby Doge is going to announce something related to Binance, the community discussions are inclined more towards the BabyDogeSwap.

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Well, this won’t be wrong to say that things are getting serious with Baby Doge, and the upcoming announcement will reveal the future of the project. However, it should be noted that the community believes that some news related to Baby Doge coming to Binance will come towards the end of this year. This one is most probably associated with the BabyDogeSwap.

The recent AMA released on Friday revealed that users would have to pay the lowest fees on BSC when they are holding Baby Doge. In addition, Baby Doge offers the highest liquidity provider rewards on BSC. Users can farm their tokens and can get high APRs. 

What adds more to the AMA released on Friday is the fact that you can add staking and farming to your project for enhanced liquidity. There are speculations that the price of the meme coin can witness incredible growth following its listing on the Binance crypto exchange.