Bitcoin Ordinals might transform the crypto ecosystem


  • Bitcoin’s price left behind other assets to reach its peak in the last month.
  • The Securities and Exchange Commission has exempted the cryptocurrency from the label of security, which will lead to its bullish future.
  • Bitcoin has a large community of users and miners who won’t let it shut down easily.

Bitcoin’s price has increased to its maximum level during the past month and surpassed other assets in the traditional and cryptocurrency markets. 

Ordinals Protocol allows users to write digital art references in small transactions over the Bitcoin blockchain to design Bitcoin-inspired NFTs. As a result, high-value uses for the crypto chain have been demonstrated. FS Insight, a research company, claims that a revival in both the development and growth in the entire value conducted and protected on the Bitcoin blockchain based on Ordinals will direct its price. 

U.S. regulatory actions have emphasized on risks that not all but the majority of non-Bitcoin blockchains will get in conflict with Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Gary Gensler’s view that maximum tokens are securities. Bitcoin seems an exception though, which is the reason behind its popularity.

For a number of maxis this is a moment to celebrate as Bitcoin is successfully proving to be the best. However, those believe that adding JPEGs to the blockchain is nothing but abusing Satoshi’s initial aim of creating a new system of funds. 

Seeing the crypto space from the point of maxis isn’t constructive. Though it looks like they are having the best of time, it is possible to see the same space and view an even more integrated and positive future as far as all crypto protocols that will evolve from this moment are concerned.

With time, a situation in which Bitcoin will act as a sort of uber-anchor for everything is possible. It will function as a type of layer 0 record of truth. At the same time, Ethereum as well as other smart contract platforms will have an increased level of functionality and all of them will have expertise in various kinds of transactions and data-processing. 

The wide and geographically spread community of Bitcoin users as well as miners will make it hard for the government to shut it down. All in all, Bitcoin is sufficiently decentralized, which is wgu, authorities in the U.S. have approved that it isn’t a security. This is obviously beneficial in the politically tense environment. 

The Bitcoin blockchain is much more than P2P payments. After integrating NFTs, the Bitcoin blockchain is interacting with digital content creators. This will bring new creative advancement in the space.

With this, others in the crypto community will create enhanced bridges and incorporations between Bitcoin and alternative protocols. As a result, the work being done by developers in Polygon, Cosmos, Polkadot and various other protocols will enhance so as to design the process to transfer assets across chains and curb dependencies of crypto industry participants on singular layer 1 blockchains.

This week, the NFT Capsule team at Bloq released “Ordinary Oranges,” a collection of Bitcoin-written non-fungible tokens that have a “burn” option to return the non-fungible token to the Bitcoin chain.

These arrangements let users attain the protection of a Bitcoin-proven asset alongside getting hands on the programmability of both dApps as well as layer 2 protocols that operate on EVM and the liquidity that’s available in Ethereum NFT marketplaces.

Such developments will make way for an even integrated crypto space wherein various protocols will conduct different functions.