breached, with around $3M in assets taken


  • earlier this month lost approximately $2.3 million in its own assets as well as $700,000 in client assets.
  • said it had reported the cyberattack to law enforcement in Shenzhen,
  • The corporation stated that its operations are continuing as usual and that an unknown quantity of assets has been secured.

While many people still enjoy the holiday season, hackers are hard at work. A cyber attack occurred at, resulting in the loss of $2.3 million in company assets as well as about $700,000 in client assets. The formal announcement was published on December 26 by BIT Mining Limited, the mining pool’s parent firm.

The event was reported to Shenzhen, China, and law enforcement officials by BIT Mining and the famous bitcoin mining pool. The local authorities subsequently launched an investigation into the incident, gathering information and requesting assistance from appropriate Chinese entities. 

Some of the assets have already been recovered with the assistance of the operations.’s parent business, BIT Mining, had its Nasdaq shares fall 17.3% at the close.

According to BIT Mining, in addition to deploying technology to efficiently prevent and identify intruders, the company will use significant effort to recover stolen digital assets. Despite the tragedy, the well-known bitcoin mining pool continues to provide mining pool services to its users. is now open for business in addition to its digital asset offerings. Its client fund activities are unaffected.

It is one of the world’s top blockchain and mining pool business brands. has been fully nurtured in the blockchain business for over 6 years, specializing in establishing industry infrastructure with new standards. created the blockchain browser, which has become the world’s leading blockchain browser, to allow users to examine information on the chain in real time.

The wallet was launched in 2016 to address customers’ concerns about digital asset storage, and it has now gained over 1 million users worldwide. During the same year, the mining pool was established in response to the fact that miners’ mining requests were not being adequately handled. It is also the most comprehensive major mining company in the world.