Catalonia is Building Cataverse, its Own Metaverse, Says Innovation Minister


  • With blockchain and metaverse ruling, Daniel Macro is working to create a digital economic system.
  • The federal government is building a Catalonian metaverse known as Cataverse.
  • The government hopes to make Barcelona a digital hub through different skills programs for university students and boot camps to increase talent

Daniel Macro, Director General of Catalonian Innovation, has discussed a few chief efforts made and worked on by the government to transform the region into a digital hub. The remarks were made during the European Blockchain Convention (EBC) 2022.

According to Macro, the pandemic has propagated the concept of a digital economy, which is a major element of the core economy. Emphasizing his statement, he mentioned Europe and shared how the country has shifted to digitized energy and other digital deals.

He also disclosed that the government is creating a Catalonian metaverse, Cataverse. Explaining further, he said that the Cataverse would be connected to the Catalan language and Catalan culture. The government expects that Catalan organizations that work for the culture do the same in the metaverse too.

The Catalonian Innovation Minister spoke regarding the government’s plans to turn Barcelona into a digital hub. A lot depends on the talent, and various policies and university programs have been passed by the government so as to develop the needed talent among the youth.

He said:

We have very strong policies to generate talent from the university, but we are also doing skill programs like boot camps and other activities because we need different profiles.

Another thing he said was that the government is trying to achieve a mix of developing new talent and attracting more business with a conducive work environment.

When asked about blockchain projects interacting with tourists in Barcelona, the minister gave the example of projects based on personal health care and public transport.