Ceek Metaverse to serve as a home for the Apeswap JungleVerse


  • The Ceek Metaverse is to become home for ApeSwap Jungleverse.
  • The Ceek land is expected to go on sale dated July 15, 14:00 UTC.
  • Activities like harvesting the farm and diving in the pool can be witnessed.

Dated July 15, 14:00 UTC, Ceek, a 360VR streaming platform on the blockchain, is all set to become home for the ApeSWap JungleVerse. 

The recent revelation of ApeSwap, a DAO, offers a full range of tools to explore and work on decentralized finance opportunities. The platform revealed the news with their 265K fans on Twitter.    

As revealed in the official announcement, the JungleVerse of ApeSwap will be located in the Ceek metaverse. Additionally, a short video was shared that displayed the event highlights from earning rewards, activities like diving in the pool, harvesting the farms, airdrops, etc.  

Fans were excited and were waiting for Ceek to become home for the Jungleverse ApeSwap.

Earlier in April 2018, Ceek was founded by Mary Spio, a deep space engineer and a tech trailblazer. In the Ceek metaverse, creators can own, build, and sell their work in virtual environments through performances, events, concerts, NFTs, digital merchandise, and other distinctive experiences.  

Content and experiences by artists including Lady Gaga, Ziggy Marley, Daddy Yankee, Demi Lovato, and Luis Fonsi are already available in the Ceek metaverse. The platform connects customers, creators, and marketers in unique virtual experiences by using an integrated approach.

Talking about ApeSwap, it is a Defi Hub on BNB Chain & Polygon that aims to provide a secure, open, and accessible experience for everyone. It also has a decentralized exchange(DEX) for BEP-20 tokens on Binance Smart Chain(BSC).  

Apeswap provides a full toolkit for Defi applications, including buying tokens that trade against BANANA, token swaps, offering liquidity, staking, lending and borrowing, IDOs, and margin trading. 

Users of ApeSwap are urged to participate in yield farming for its liquidity pool offerings in order to earn its native BANANA coin.