Clinique’s NFT Makeup Campaign to Address Diversity in Metaverse


  • Clinique has tapped three artists to create and gift NFT makeup looks to PFPs holders from the NFP avatar community.
  • To randomly select non-fungible people holders, 5,904 NFT makeup looks will be airdropped as blind tokens this week.
  • Recipients can sell, keep or burn their looks.

Clinique, in partnership with digital artist Daz3D, has announced a new NFT campaign, Metaverse More Like Us, to address the lack of diversity and representation in the metaverse.

Clinique announced the exciting news through a Twitter post:

The Estée Lauder-owned brand has associated with various international makeup artists like Tess Daly, Emira D’Spain, and Sheika Daley on the design of the digital artwork.

Each makeup artist created two looks for non-fungible people with different skin tones, hairstyles, face shapes, and makeup inspired by Clinique products.

Non Fungible People is a collection of 8888 hyper-realistic PFP NFTs representing women and non-binary people.

Other than the avatar designs, the artist will reveal the inspiration behind the NFP looks through social media channels.

NFT makeup look refers to an additional digital layer that is burned onto, in lay terms, and superimposed over an existing NFT, which gives it an additional trait that becomes part of its official digital identity.

Releasing in three drops during summer, the digital art will be offered to 1,968 randomly selected avatar NFP collection holders. The first drop will be in July, the second in August, and the third in September.

The number 1968 is a nod to the year that Clinique was founded.

Carolyn Dawkins, SVP of Global Marketing, Online and Analytics at Clinique, said:

We are a brand constantly focused on problem-solving. Clinique has been built to tackle all skin types, so this idea of inclusivity and diversity is inherent to how we create our products.

In a release, Jessica Rizzuto, SVP of e-commerce at Daz 3D, said:

Over the past 20 years, Daz 3D has consistently created inclusive representation in the digital environment and is thrilled to continue this tradition with Clinique.

Additionally, he said:

Our ground-breaking NFT collections, like NFP and our partnership with Clinique, are breaking barriers and challenging the status quo. Through this campaign and the stunning NFT makeup looks, we are proud to bring this to life in the metaverse.

Meanwhile, Clinique’s recent was appreciated by Meta through a tweet: