CoinTracker to deliver educational tax Filing resources ahead of UK tax season


  • Today, CoinTracker, the industry pioneer in cryptocurrency tax, revealed a partnership with By The Book Accountancy Limited.
  • The two organizations will cooperate to offer several instructional resources and information for cryptocurrency users in the UK.
  • Globally, there have been substantial regulatory changes in the past year regarding the taxation of digital assets.

By The Book Accountancy Limited is a seasoned accountant with over 10 years of experience advising on UK taxes and small businesses. CoinTracker, the global leader in cryptocurrency tax and portfolio tracking for consumers, today announced its cooperation with By The Book Accountancy Limited. 

Through the collaboration, the two groups will work together to publish several educational materials and information for cryptocurrency users in the UK. By The Book Accountancy and CoinTracker are collaborating to make the complex process of reporting taxes in compliance simpler.

In terms of taxing digital assets, there have been significant regulatory changes worldwide during the past year. While the UK Treasury is exploring significant changes to how the cryptocurrency business is governed, the UK Parliament is now debating the Financial Services and Markets Bill, which would give regional financial authorities control over cryptocurrencies. 

UK crypto users must be provided with the necessary educational resources to file taxes confidently before the January 31 UK tax filing deadline as the regulatory environment continues to change. With its current UK Tax Guides for users of crypto, NFT, and DeFi, CoinTracker hopes to close the knowledge gap in this area.

Partnering with By The Book Accounting expedites CoinTracker’s primary aim of enabling the use of cryptocurrencies with confidence, according to Renaud Besnard, Head of Marketing at CoinTracker. 

UK users must be provided with instructional materials and compliance tools as tax season draws closer. CoinTracker is beyond thrilled to work with this respectable group and contribute to the effective and simple tax-filing procedure for cryptocurrencies.

To aid UK users in getting ready for tax season, CoinTracker and By The Book Accounting will release a three-part instructional Twitter Space series. The three sessions will be held at 6:30 p.m. UK time on January 24, January 26, and January 30. 

The conversation will cover everything from capital gains and NFT taxes to money-saving strategies and seeking specialists. Shehan Chandrasekera, Head of Tax Strategy at CoinTracker, and Robin Thatcher, Managing Director of By The Book Accountancy Limited, will also speak.