Crypto, NFT market will make a strong comeback: Yunometa’s Founder Arijit Mukherjee


  • Yunometa Founder Arijit Mukherjee believes that the crypto and NFT market will be making a strong comeback in the future.
  • Mukherjee asked crypto and NFT enthusiasts to look for value in NFT projects instead of purchasing them just for the sake of having them.
  • Mukherjee reveals plans to drive the sports NFT movement in the country, along with the fact that Yunometa is working on blockchain-based solutions for traditional industries.

In a recently conducted interview, Arijit Mukherjee, the Founder, and CEO of Yunometa, an NFT and metaverse marketplace, revealed that he believes crypto and NFT markets are set to make a strong comeback in the future. 

Being excited about his Tennis metaverse launch, Mukherjee advised that one must settle for value in NFT projects other than buying them just for the sake of having them. 

Even though there have been several ups and downs in the crypto and NFT market, Yunometa wasn’t impacted significantly. On the contrary, they decided to double down on their projects and calibrate their offerings for the crypto market. 

This week, Yunometa is set to launch its own sports metaverse and has chosen Tennis as their sport as, according to Arijit Mukherjee, Tennis has a whole fanbase in India. The aim of this metaverse is to help in the monetization process of the digital identity associated with NFTs that are authentic collectibles

Describing further the metaverse, it will be divided into three segments, one will be a tennis court, and the others will be an NFT museum for the portrayal of Tamil Nadu’s tourism and culture, and a virtual tour of the five most popular places with dense Tamil culture respectively. 

In answering why Mukherjee chose the women’s metaverse and how it is differentiated from the other metaverse, he addressed that Yunometa is extending support to women’s empowerment by providing them an exclusive new stage to grow and thrive in the world of Tennis. 

In addition to this, it should be noted that Yunometa is planning to announce an exclusive partnership soon and are backed by experience in working with clients in order to create personalized metaverse based on their requirements. 

Discussion NFTs Mukherjee mentioned that a lot of industry players are maturing in choosing NFTs and are starting to realize the true value and worth of NFTs; hence, not every hyped project will be able to gain the same traction now. 

This further leads to an ecosystem where distinct and innovative projects will be spearheading most of the new NFT drops. Sports NFTs are certainly one of the best methods of delivering value along with connecting with sports fans.