Daniel Keller shares thoughts on Justin Sun’s PoW project; Asks people to avoid ‘Shitcoin’


  • Tron Founder Justin Sun has been recently bashed by Flux Co-Founder Daniel Keller for pushing ‘Shitcoin.’
  • Daniel Keller has been recently seen bashing Justin Sun and Poloniex Exchange for pushing an upcoming coin.
  • He asked the community to mine something that can be termed a legit project and do that following research.

Daniel Keller, the Co-Founder of Flux, has recently shared a video along with a tweet on his official Twitter handle. The popular announcer bashed Justin Sun, the Founder of the TRON foundation, for pushing an upcoming project that, according to Keller, is ‘Shitcoin.’

Along with Justin Sun, Keller mentioned the Poloniex Exchange too for pushing the ‘Shitcoin.’ However, Keller asked people not to fall for these kinds of projects as they are not worthy investments for making profits. 

In addition to this, it should be noted that Daniel Keller emphasized that people should make investments in projects that are at least legit. Addressing some of the legit projects that Daniel Keller mentioned and called products that are legit and can be profitable to users, there are Flux, RVN, ETC, and Ergo.

Well, it goes without saying in the crypto world that miners, investors, and traders all are required to do thorough research on their own in order to get the best out of their actions in the market and make profits. But, as per Daniel Keller, you must not follow the false profits in the market coming from projects that are not so promising and reliable. 

Adding further to his tweet, Daniel Keller mentioned that Justin Sun should only work on Tron and warned miners to get themselves educated and make sure that they make the right decision. This is because it is a big deal and will determine the next project that will shape the future of the PoW consensus mechanism.

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