Ethereum Name Service gets back ‘’ domain name from GoDaddy


  • The domain name “” has allegedly been seized by Ethereum Name Service (ENS).
  • GoDaddy has been sued by the organization behind ENS for selling the domain name to a third party.
  • ENS owners utilize the as a gateway to access their “dot eth” (.eth) ENS address as a typical browser webpage.

After obtaining an order from an Arizona court, True Names Ltd., the parent business of the Ethereum Name Service (ENS), claims to have reclaimed control of the web domain name “”

The organization behind ENS has sued web domain registrar GoDaddy for selling the domain name to a third party. In the lawsuit, GoDaddy was charged with violating a domain name registration agreement. The eth. link domain that the plaintiff had registered was incorrectly declared to be expired by GoDaddy.

Users may access eth addresses thanks to Traditional browsers cannot access eth site, however, MetaMask and other Web3-enabled browsers can. A bridge was offered by

Renewals of domain registrations are generally simple, but in this case, Virgil Griffith, the person with the power to do so, is currently serving a 63-month prison term for teaching North Koreans how to use cryptocurrency to circumvent sanctions.

The registration was supposed to expire on July 26, 2023, but according to the complaint, which was submitted to the U.S. District Court for the District of Arizona, GoDaddy fraudulently claimed it had done so in August. GoDaddy sold the to a third party, the cryptocurrency start-up Manifold Finance, on September 3, despite having stated in the filing that the domain name would be back up for grabs on September 5, 2022.

To access their “dot eth” (.eth) ENS address as a standard browser website, ENS owners use the as a gateway. They accomplish this by including a “dot link” (.link) in theirs.eth ENS prompts the link to open as a regular web page in a browser tab.

ENS founder Nick Johnson said that the company was delighted with the result. Sam Bacha, the founder of Manifold Finance, said the situation had not been resolved. He said that DNS Services had been reinstated to maintain the domain’s value. According to the injunction, DNS is still held in escrow and has not been given to True Names. More information will be accessible as soon as the court opens in the morning.