Famous french magazine Science & Vie brings you NFT membership


  • An NFT set with club membership perks has been released to celebrate the 110th birthday of the French periodical Science & Vie.
  • To launch the NFT membership cards, Science & Vie worked with Eniblock, a unit of The Blockchain Group, the French market leader in blockchain technologies.
  • An NFT can be purchased using either fiat money, in the form of Euros, or cryptocurrency, in the form of Tezos.

The 110th anniversary of the French journal Science & Vie is being commemorated with the release of an NFT set that offers club membership benefits. On November 24, the public auction for the NFT collection began, with each NFT selling for 250 Euros. Certain benefits come with possessing an NFT from the collection.

They consist of:

Getting in touch with the editorial staff access to a group of science and life fans, a lifetime digital membership to the magazine events hosted by Science & Vie and its partners, future Science & Vie drops’ whitelists, and Prizes available through Science & Vie games.

Science & Vie collaborated with Eniblock, a division of The Blockchain Group, the French market leader in blockchain technologies, to introduce the NFT membership cards. Each of the NFTs has a unique piece of art: a cover from the magazine’s illustrious past. Since 1913, Science & Vie has been producing articles, focusing on how technology impacts people’s day-to-day lives.

Potential buyers can use fiat money in the form of Euros or cryptocurrency in the form of Tezos to buy an NFT. Because Tezos has a lower carbon footprint than some other, more energy-intensive blockchains, Science & Vie chose it as the blockchain to mint the NFTs on. Users must go to Science & Vie’s specific NFT website to make a purchase.

Editor-in-chief of Science & Vie Thomas Cavaillé-Fol expressed the magazine’s excitement at the opportunity to introduce its readers and aficionados to this novel event. The club, he continued, will open up channels of communication between the magazine’s editorial team and its readers. The publication could benefit from improved communication.

NFTs are used by businesses for a variety of things, but making them work like membership cards is still new. But interest in it is growing. According to the membership cards provided by Science & Vie, more businesses are utilizing NFTs for this kind of innovation.