Finjuris Counsel Becomes the First Legal Consultancy Firm in UAE to Have Its Presence in Metaverse

Dubai, UAE — Web 3.0 is rapidly gaining prominence among individuals and businesses in the United Arab Emirates. With the advent of web 3.0, Metaverse has a key role to play in the creating a pro- futuristic image of the country. Many key players based in the region such as Damac and Emirates have already voiced their intentions to be a part of metaverse. “This development does not prevent other industries from exploiting the various opportunities metaverse has to offer”, says Adv P.M. Mishra, Finjuris Counsel FZ-LLC.


Finjuris Counsel FZ-LLC, a UAE based legal consultancy firm is one of the first of its kind to have its presence in the Metaverse. It is an international legal advisory firm that specializes in white collar crimes, blockchain and cryptocurrency, venture capital funds, fintech and crowdfunding. We aid companies in getting all types of legal licensing to run their business hustle-free. Finjuris Counsel has developed a reputation as one of the most innovative legal consulting firms – and the go-to professionals for organizations all over the world wishing to conduct business in the crypto sector. They have their professional presence in the UAE, India, the United States, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Estonia, Spain via it’s associates.

Why did Finjuris Counsel FZ LLC decide to open its virtual office in Metaverse?

With the advent of Web 3.0, Metaverse has been gaining immense popularity with various organizations carrying out their day-to-day functions on the virtual reality platform. The main objective of Finjuris is to provide legal assistance via Metaverse and to solve certain legal issues that have been rampant in this space such as:

Privacy Concerns: Privacy concerns have plagued the real world despite the presence of jurisdiction and enforcement; therefore, you can think about the plight of the metaverse where there’s nothing concrete to enforce anything. Finjuris has set-up a system in different parcels of the metaverse where metaverse users can go and consult experts to get justice within the metaverse for a range of crimes related to data abuse by corporations. In this way, it would mean for the first time in UAE, the users who are actively engaged with the metaverse would see a new experience where they can be rest assured that if their personal details are abused, they can certainly get to know how to get justice in the Metaverse.

Restructuring Data Centres: As metaverse goes mainstream, the need to store data for computation would rise unprecedently. At such times, the need for data centres to adhere to a specific guideline will rise. However, when dealing with data in the metaverse, there must be a specific guideline which could help run things smoothly. Through the Finjuris Counsel FZ-LLC, for the first time, there will be a provision to define a clear law mandating the governance of data centres. So, in the absence of such a set-up, it would undoubtedly mean that Finjuris Counsel could flag ways through which one can resolve the issues of sharing data and providing the right fix for the same through their expert consulting.

How To Connect with Finjuris Counsel FZ-LLC?

Finjuris Counsel FZ-LLC has been based in Decentraland from where they are providing all the legal services that support the legal system in the metaverse. Finjuris is the first initiative in UAE to make metaverse satisfying, answerable, accountable, and transparent for adoption across multiple sectors.

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