FTX Exchange Delists ThorChain RUNE Spot Markets


  • FTX will delist RUNE spot markets, and consider its relisting in the future.
  • RUNE will not be able to be sent to the exchange after June 12.
  • Users must move their assets to different wallets within the given time.

Very important news from a major cryptocurrency exchange has created a sensation.  According to the news, FTX has decided to remove a popular altcoin project from its list. Yes, that’s right. FTX has deleted the popular altcoin project ThorChain (RUNE) from the list.

In an official tweet, FTX stated that ThorChain (RUNE) will delete its trading pairs from the exchange list.

On the other hand, it will be re-evaluated after the RUNE main-net integration and whether to list accordingly. The exchange reminded its users that RUNE will not be able to be sent to the exchange after June 12; therefore, there won’t be any trading opportunity. As a result, users can move their RUNE assets to different wallets until this date.

Going further into the details, On June 13, RUNE spot markets will be suspended at 2 pm (UTC). All RUNE/USD and RUNE/USDT orders will be canceled. RUNE deposit will be suspended and RUNE will be removed as a non-USD collateral asset. Having sufficient collateral upon the removal is a must.

RUNE spot borrow and lending positions will be auto-closed at 1 hour TWAP index price, owing to which spot borrowing and lending will not be supported. 

Withdrawal of RUNE will be supported after delisting. FTX is not liable for losses to anyone and it is one’s own responsibility to clearly understand the implications of the RUNE spot markets delisting. 

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