Hackers steal LastPass security vault


  • LastPass announced the hack of its cloud-based data.
  • There are speculations over the customer’s passwords being accessed by a third party.
  • LastPass is working on its system by separating the cloud-based storage from the other environments.

Recently, it was announced by LastPass that a few third-party hackers had gained access to the LastPass security vault. 

According to the company, cloud-based storage has achieved backup data. It is inferred from the announcement that now the hacker has all the customers’ passwords and can easily access them. 

Earlier, the company had made claims about the security and safety of customers’ information. 

But this news contradicted their allegations, and they released information regarding the hackers having all the data in the customer vault.

When LastPass released the information about the breach, they did not particularly say about the password capture. They added that the intrusion would not affect the customer with tough master passwords.

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In case the customers have a weak set of passwords, then they should change the password for the sake of improving security and taking extra measures. This means the customers must go for a password change in every LastPass store. Still, there are claims from the LastPass community that customers’ passwords are still securely kept.

After this news broke, it created massive chaos among the customers of LastPass. Then the company gave an assurance of leveling up the protection of the crucial information, but there is no specific new feature announcement that will support their claim.

LastPass has a clear update about the ongoing events to deal with the situation. They shared the details about the customer’s data being safe with the company in August 2022. The hackers took only the cloud-based storage information. The company is working to revoke the system and make it more secure. The cloud-based data system is being made a bit safer and more secure.

Lastly, it is shared by the company that they are making the hacked space, the cloud-based environment, separate from their other parts. The preparation of the key vault has started, and it will change the system significantly. Soon, all the information will be protected from any cyberattack. A clear assurance was provided to the user by the company, but still, there is skepticism in the minds of the customers who are tied up with the LastPass company.