Kia America NFT managed to raise $100k for a pet adoption charity


  • Kia America NFT has recently raised $100k for a pet adoption charity.
  • The automobile manufacturer has set a valuable goal and raised funding for an NGO to provide relief to animal shelters.
  • The project illustrates a big brand moving into the Web3 world in order to benefit welfare.

Kia America, one of the leading automobile manufacturers, has recently raised $100k for a pet adoption charity as a contribution to funding 22,000 pet shelters. The firm launched its first NFTs back in February, and along with this, Kia has auctioned several robotic puppy-themed NFTs and managed to raise $100k for The Petfinder, a non-profit organization.

Speaking of the areas for the success of the campaign, they are the digital collections sold on the Sweet NFT marketplace on the launching day that managed to generate $100,000. The Tezos blockchain claimed a total of 10,000 adoption pass NFTs in a free mint. 

Following a week, 10,000 generative versions went on sale in order to overlap with the NBA All-Star game on Feb 18th. What added more to the raising of funds in six digits were the various rarer NFTs. 

The Vice President of Kia America, Russell Wager, expressed the importance of The Petfinder Foundation, specifically in the middle of the pandemic environment. He revealed that they are already aware of the fact that pet adoptions are surging due to the pandemic. 

Though thousands of animals have already found their homes, the number of pets surrendering themselves to shelters was also rising as several people returned to their work. 

As revealed, the NFT collection project of Kia’s project exemplifies a big brand moving into the Web3 world in order to benefit welfare. It should be considered the perfect example, as the NFT industry has enough room for projects that are non-profitable apart from the ones that are.