Kraken Rolls Out 70 Ethereum Solana NFT Collections on New ‘Gasless’ Marketplace


  • Kraken Rolls out 70 ETH NFT collection on its new marketplace ‘Gasless’.
  • Kraken plans to entice more NFT buys with its unique gasless feature.
  • Customers are allowed to store their own NFTs on Kraken.

Kraken rolls out its Solana Collection worth 70 ETH on its new marketplace, ‘Gasless’, which basically aims to provide NFT buyers to do NFT-based transactions even having to pay the gas price. It is a fresh attempt at something of this feat. 

Gas price is a huge deal breaker for many NFT buyers out there. It adds up to a lot of cost for them.  Many new players reduce their investment in marketplaces based on gas prices, but all this is about to change. 

Kraken’s new NFT marketplace will be launching today even as digital collectibles are dropping relentlessly. By the way, Kraken is the 6th largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. 

Kraken is planning to lure all the NFT collectors with its gas-less transactions offered by its new marketplace, aimed at cost-conscious buyers amid record worldwide inflation, which, coupled with crypto’s penchant for volatility, has left the industry in tatters. 

Kraken clearly stated earlier that they are not in the business of timing markets, and that they are rather in the business of accelerating financial freedom and independence.

The new marketplace ‘Gasless’ is actually designed to be the most secure and accessible marketplace in the NFT ecosystem as per a recent statement announcing the launch. At the moment, Gasless is only available to those buyers who joined their waitlist back in the month of May.