Lamborghini-backed GT racing team to authenticate car parts through NFTs


  • The Vincenzo Sospiri Racing GT team will authenticate factory car parts through NFTs.
  • The move belongs to a pilot scheme by Go2NFT.
  • Lamborghini’s first NFT collection was released in January, 2022.

Vincenzo Sospiri Racing, a GT racing team backed by Lamborghini’s motorsport department, has announced using NFTs to certify and authenticate factory car parts. VSR has collaborated with Go2NFT to launch the program.

According to Go2NFT, the feature could extend to validate merchandise as well as other official products such as racing car parts. This will enable supercar fans to enjoy peace of mind while buying branded goods. An investment of $5million was received by the company in March from the Skey Network blockchain ecosystem.

The Go2NFT platform allows brands to develop personal NFT certification by using the NFT technology.

Boris Ejsymont, chief business officer for Go2NFT said that responsibility, provenance and quality control are the major challenges for superbrands that look forward to safeguarding their IP. Trust and transparency for brands and their fans are possible with NFT utility.

In a statement, he said:

This project with VSR is just the start of many such co-operations for beloved brands across the globe.

2022 has seen the world of crypto and racing colliding. For instance, Formula 1 racing team Red Bull Racing got a $150 million partnership with Bybit in February. joined car manufacturer Aston Martin’s Formula 1 team in March. As a part of the deal, the brand’s F1 cars displayed advertisements of the exchange.