Mailchimp suspends accounts of crypto-based users without prior notice


  • Mailchimp is suspending its services for blogs and websites based on crypto businesses.
  • Mailchimp has previously restricted or suspended things related to cryptocurrency.
  • It seems that the stoppage began several weeks ago.

A number of crypto-based businesses have faced issues with Mailchimp services since last week. According to most of them, without any warning or notice, their accounts have been suspended.

Messari, a platform known for encouraging transparency in the digital assets market, took to Twitter to share that even after more than 48 hours, there’s been no response or update from Mailchimp.

On August 9, Decrypt also shared the suspension on their Mailchimp newsletter account without any notice.

On August 5, Jesse Friesland, the founder of Crypto on Goons, discussed the issue on Twitter and confirmed that Mailchimp is restricting users who promote digital assets or virtual currencies.

NFT artist Ocarina was removed from Mailchimp upon trying to email her followers in order to share an NFT drop with them.

As per Mailchimp, her suspension was right because the content of her industry isn’t in alignment with their Acceptable Use Policy.

Mailchimp added:

Please note, we cannot allow businesses involved in the sale, transaction, trading, exchange, storage, marketing, or production of cryptocurrencies, virtual currencies, and any digital assets.

A number of people called the decision by Mailchimp completely wrong. Though every company reserves the right to modify or change its privacy policies as well as terms & conditions, such a sudden move with no warning or prior notice is nothing more than disturbing the activities related to the crypto.