Metarix & Tenset Announce Diamond Partnership to Launch a Presale


  • Metarix is one of the greatest initiatives in current instances for being modern in constructing an entire decentralized ecosystem for Gaming, NFT’s and Metaverse.
  • Metarix has a Layer 2 Blockchain, an immersive VR/AR Metaverse, an NFT Marketplace, a Game Design Center with proprietary SDKs and APIs.
  • The metaverse platform aims to revolutionize the digital world through an attention-grabbing and satisfying expertise to an enormous variety of folks.

Metarix has announced diamond partnership with Tenset, one of the most trusted & genuine launchpad platforms. Upon making the announcement, Metarix is creating buzz that the upcoming project will launch and create a metaverse platform for users as well as creators. It will captivate the imagination of a child playing the style of game he grew up enjoying, or the teen creating the next NFT collection that goes viral. Not just a game or a shopping store, the platform will also be a place to build, an SDK to create a launchpad to invest in new unreleased crypto projects and much more.

The announcement was made public by Tenset through a Twitter Post:

For now, the project is in its initial stages of building its blockchain. This will be followed by building metaverse, NFT marketplace, P2E game, SDK service, DEX, stage 1 production attractions & experiences and Web3.0 platform.

Metarix will launch a presale with Tenset and a few of the products are expected to launch soon. It has a platform that enables other crypto games, NFTs, games and decentralized exchanges to run both inside and outside its metaverse. On the inside are beaches, businesses, properties, mountains, islands, houses, concert halls, banks, NFT marketplace, mini-games, arcades, attractions, shops and software development kits that have the ability to be the game development center.

Overall, this project is something to have high hopes from, as it looks quite promising and has a team of enthusiasts as a part of its development team that will make the project a high level one. It will allow the users to connect to the presale page and invest or watch the development on their own.