MG Motor India Unveils MGVerse, an Immersive Metaverse Platform To Collaborate and Co-create


  • MG Motor became the first automotive brand in the country to declare its MGverse concept.
  • MGVerse is a metaverse platform that allows you to interact with other people in virtual worlds.
  • According to Gaurav Gupta, the chief commercial officer of MG Motor India, MGverse would operate as a multiverse that brings together numerous virtual worlds into a single platform.

The brand aspires to connect MG fans, consumers, sponsors, and workers to work, engage, co-create, socialize, and retail. Members will have another way to interact, participate, and celebrate unity with the MG Car Club, which will host members-only events and performances.

 They’ll also be able to purchase MG items at MGverse. The user will be able to experience MG’s racing history at Gaming Arena. One may race in a sportier MG or play other games on their favorite racetrack. Through the MG Knowledge Centre, employees and partners will be able to acquire new skills and participate in virtual training courses.

To engage GenZ and GenAlpha, the platform will be available on mobile as well as other online browsers. The platform will be launched in stages, with the first phase kicking off during the next holiday season.

Gupta added:

MGverse is a step forward in that it allows users to interact with data that has been visualized exactly as they would in the real world. At MG, we try to create engaging experiences for our clients at every touchpoint. The MGverse is our vision for building our Metaverse, in which we and our partners will constantly explore, invent, improvise, and develop new solutions to continuously improve the consumer experience in the future.

The company will provide five separate experience centers for clients to develop their creativity in the MGverse. The Explorer & Creator’s Center will allow users to personalize, accessorize, and build their favorite MG vehicle in the Metaverse. They can take a virtual test drive in the cities and streets of their choice and make reservations. The NFT Gallery will allow users to see MG’s collections on display as well as collaborate and co-create, list, and transact NFTs on the platform.