Artana Art Cards Edition #1 – Raffle & Airdrop

date : 05/16/2023 company : Artana Category : Nft_Airdrop supply : 110 price : FRee currency : sol
Artana Art Cards Edition #1 – Raffle & Airdrop


Artana Art Cards is a growing collection of exclusive artworks that will be raffled and Airdropped weekly.

The first edition features the work of Indonesian multidisciplinary artist Ijal Mariachi.

Artana Art Cards is a limited edition collector card series on Solana showcasing upcoming artists & designers from different backgrounds. Art collectors can win the cards through raffles. Winners get the items Airdropped. Check the Heymint link for more details.

The collection will feature a new edition dropping regularly, with the edition size starting at 110 and gradually increasing as the series grows. Each NFT will be a unique piece of art created specifically for this series.

One physical version of Sacrifice For Freedom will be raffled among the winners.

Katie Morris

Katie Morris

Company: Katie Morris
Date: 08/12/2024
Blockchain: ethereum
Currency: usdt_usdc